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Anyone can have a 800 sqft ADU in 2020!

An ADU designed by Lanefab Design/Build, a Vancouver, Canada-based firm that specializes in designing these smaller homes.  Courtesy Lanefab

Great news for our ADU community. Recently passed Law (AB 68) basically allows anyone to build a 800 sqft ADU in their backyard.

Here are the text "This bill would instead prohibit the imposition of those limitations if they do not permit at least an 800 square foot accessory dwelling unit that is at least 16 feet in height with 4-foot side and rear yard setbacks to be constructed. This bill would additionally prohibit the imposition of limits on lot coverage, floor area ratio, open space, and minimum lot size if they prohibit the construction of an accessory dwelling unit meeting those specifications."

To read more, go to:

or contact us for more detail.

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