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ADU Builder opens booth at SF YIMBY Party event

ADU Builder was honored to be in attendance and sponsor a booth at the recent YIMBY Party gathering in San Francisco.

YIMBYs are a loosely allied collection of pro-development housing advocates whose acronym stands for "Yes in my backyard". YIMBYs assert that housing costs are primarily a supply issue, density equals livability, vitality, and lower environmental impact, and solving the crisis means more public as well as private development.

For more information on the YIMBY movement see:

Below are some photos from the event.

California State Senator Scott Wiener was a featured speaker.

Attendees showed great interest in ADU Builder "tiny house" solutions.

The team put together materials to introduce ADU Builder products and services

We also enjoyed some of the usual Bay Area craziness

ADU Builder Founder and CEO enjoys a cameo shot with SF YIMBY Party event attendee

ADU Builder Founder and CEO Tony Chan gets a cameo with another YIMBY advocate

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