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Your 1 stop shop for adu

We build, Finance,and Manage ADU

Zero Investment

We provide ADU loans.

Continuous Cash-flow

Earn monthly rental income as soon as your unit is ready

Reliable Local Team

Owner-operated San Mateo-based real estate development company

ADU Builder is a Bulingame-based real estate development company that specializes in Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) finance, construction, and rentals. ADU Builder leverages the latest innovations in “tiny house” architectural design, as well as new construction materials and techniques, to construct high quality “accessory dwelling units” (also known a “in-law units”) with minimal inconvenience to homeowners. 

The four-step process

ADU Builder provides an end-to-end solution broken down into four simple steps for homeowners

Step 1: 

Feasibility Evaluation

When ADU Builder receives an inquiry from you, we first arrange for a visit to your property with one of our engineers to assess the site for possible accessory dwelling unit (ADU) construction. You will get a free ADU report.

Signing a Contract

Step 2:

Sign Contract

Once feasibility has been established, you get to design the ADU and sign contract with ADU Builder for construction.

Step 3: 


ADU Builder will applies building permits on your behalf and undertakes construction, utilizing the latest design concepts and materials. We can build with prefab and modular.

Window Installation
Leasing a Home

Step 4: 

Rental management

Once construction is complete, ADU Builder can help you to rent the unit and handle property management. Or, you can get the keys to your new unit.

ADU design samples

ADU Builder brings cutting-edge architectural concepts of "tiny house" design together with the latest prefabricated materials technology to efficiently construct aesthetically pleasing two- and three-bedroom living spaces from 500-900 square feet. ADU Builder designs maximize rental income, and add significant value to your existing property


2 Beds * 2 baths 
600 sq ft

3 beds * 3 baths 
900 sq ft


3 beds * 4 baths 
1000 sq ft

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